1. 2011 Trends?

    Well it’s New Year’s Day and for once I’m not lying on my sofa dreaming of bedtime as last night I was safely (or some might say sadly!) tucked up by 11pm. Boring for New Years Eve I know but too much festivities over Christmas had left me with a desire to snug up in front of the fire watching a movie and eating pasta with my kids rather then painting the town red.

    2011 colours & trends

    So today I find myself with enough brain cells functioning to ponder on what might be the key trends for 2011 (so much more productive then trying to work out how much tomato juice I’d have to drink to take on board enough anti-oxidants to negate the previous night’s excesses!).

    So here goes for the things I think we’ll see more of …

    1. Colour – if we let the national press journalists get to us we’d all be locked inside hiding under our snugly throws with a bottle of Prozac as protection against their doom and gloom, but a bit of colour can go a long way in the cheering up stakes. So I think bright and vibrant colours will be strong again this year. Limes, turquoises, acid yellows, oranges and to a lesser extent bright pinks either clashing (my favourite) or grounded with fresh greys and whites will be abundant.

    2. Repurposing or refreshing – personally I can’t stand the expression upcycling – it conjures up images of struggling up a hill on my mountain bike feeling way too hot and unfit! Upcycling sounds like something that involves lots of work and trudergy when actually giving something a new lease of life should be fun and deeply satisfying (both for you and your wallet). Lots of us still want to introduce a new look to our homes but can’t justify spending lots of money on new stuff. Renovating, reupholstering, retrimming, repainting and lots of other things beginning with ‘re’ can make your home feel like it’s had a make over without  having to spend lots of money.
      (Insert image of old chair and revamped version – contemporary)
    3. Local designers - more and more people are interested in supporting both local and UK businesses. With this extra support our guys are really coming up trumps. There’s so many great UK designers at the moment in everything from wall paper to textiles to wall graphics to art to jewellery to greetings cards to furniture.
      (Insert image of chaise)
    4. Chenille fabric swatch in turquoiseCreature Comforts – less going out means more nights in equals a need for snugness in wintery months. Fake fur, chenille, soft touch fabrics and upholstery will be strong for the Autumn and Winter.
      (Insert image of close up of bright chenille fabric in turquoise)
    5. Inside Out – more designers and brands are thinking about how to make our outside spaces a bit more interesting and I think one of the trends that’s starting to come through is outside furniture and objects that look like our inside stuff. Take the Driade outdoors sofa or the Fatboy Edison light, these are two shapes that you associate with indoor products not outdoors. 
      (insert image of Driade sofa and Edison light)

    Whilst contemplating what I think we’ll see more of in 2011 I couldn’t help thinking about what I’m hoping we’ll see less of. So here goes…
    Things I’d like to see less of …

    • Stay Calm and Carry On, Rock On, Drink on or whatever on …. that’s enough. I don’t want it to carry on at all. Don’t get me wrong I loved it at first but we’ve used and abused it now.
    • Cath Kidston – I’m sure a little voodoo doll of me is being made as you read this as the hundreds of thousands of people who love Cath gasp in horror that anything should be said against their beloved. Cath Kidston  isn’t on this list because it’s not my personal style but again because it’s become too popular and I’m seeing it just that little bit too much.
    • Joseph Joseph – this is a brand I love so why’s it on the list I hear you ask. It’s here because in my view as soon as you let your brand be sold in BHS Home and Costco then that tells me that you’re more about sales than you are about protecting your brand - and a brand this good should be protected. It’s fab so don’t cheapen it.

    That’s it for now. We’ll see this time next year how spot on or not I am!
    Happy New Year.


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